Online Classes

After spending 6 years in the classroom teaching high school art, I took a brief hiatus from instructing to focus on my art career. Now, after a few years, I've found myself back in teaching mode, this time with a virtual classroom!

My teaching style is much like my personality: creative, fun, and approachable. So check out my  online classes or my book on hand lettering, I'd love to help you learn a few new things!

Funky Florals Online Class - Enroll HERE

Dive into painting bold, funky floral pieces and learn to unwind and let loose in this fun, creative class taught by Megan Wells of Makewells.  Flowers are packed full of inspiration for Megan, and she gives you an up close look into her creative process as she let’s loose and creates. With flowers as our main subject matter, we’ll use a variety of supplies to create mixed media, funky florals!

 This is an online class that you can take at your own pace with unlimited access. It is hosted on a private blog in collaboration with Alisa Burke. 


Funky Florals Intro from Megan E Wells on Vimeo.


Hello Color Online Class - Enroll HERE

Say hello to color in this fun, approachable class that will open your eyes to see and use color in a whole new way – through exploring the basics of color theory with Megan Wells from Makewells.
Using acrylic paints, Megan will introduce you to color mixing, properties of color, and color schemes, all through fun, creative prompts and exercises. She’ll share her favorite tips, tricks and supplies, and take you on a fun color filled adventure while painting! You’ll learn to see color through new eyes, and walk away with not just a new understanding of color, but the tools to use color effectively in your art and life!

Creative Compositions Online Class - Enroll HERE

Learn the rules of composition (so you can break them, of course!)  In this class, Megan Wells from Makewells will guide you through fun, creative projects that will lead you to a solid understanding of the elements and principles of art that make up strong compositions. We’ll play with a whole bunch of supplies and learn how to arrange compositions that will carry over into your painting, lettering, drawing, scrapbooking...whatever your creative outlet is!

Creative Comp. Intro from Megan E Wells on Vimeo.


Drawin' Letters Online Class - Enroll HERE

Learn the basics of hand lettering from a unique perspective with South Florida-based artist Megan Wells, of Makewells. This class will introduce you to creating a variety of stylistic letterforms through exercises, prompts, and practices, all based on the principles of drawing.  Megan will also show you ways to draw printed type and cursive scripts, how to transform letters, words, and phrases into creative works of art, and will share tips on discovering your own unique lettering style!

Class Intro from Megan E Wells on Vimeo.


Get Scripty Online Class - Enroll HERE

Script style lettering is Meg's absolute favorite, so in this class she’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to make your letters extra fancy and free! From flourishes and swirls to embellishments and illustrations, together we’ll explore the infinite ways to sketch, draw, and paint gorgeous, scripted letters, words and phrases, and we won’t be afraid to get a lil funky!

Scripty Intro from Megan E Wells on Vimeo.


Letter Outside the Lines - Enroll HERE


Take your lettering to the next creative level in this fun, “outside the box” class where Megan’s bound to help you break a few rules! Using a wide variety of materials and techniques, she'll share her favorite ways to take her original, hand lettering artworks beyond the pencil and pen, while walking you through her process of experimenting with letterforms and materials in her sketchbook.  

LOL Intro from Megan E Wells on Vimeo.